About the center

Kuzbass center for the arts (CBI) was established in 2016. He joined professional unions of artists, writers and composers, and took the lead in organizing exhibition activities. Creative synthesis has allowed the center for a few years to become the avant-garde cultural institution in the region. Unique exhibitions, trips to artists workshops, meetings with writers and artists, lectures, art, workshops, poetry, art clubs and literary quests - this is not a complete list of projects that are available to residents and guests of Kemerovo region.


Arts centre as part of a new cultural cluster of Kuzbass (hyperlink) will become a platform for communication, a laboratory of creative ideas and workshop for their implementation. It will combine the various segments of creative industries – design, music, literature, visual art, digital projects, Internet media, publishing and gallery business, cultural tourism, cinema, fashion. The art Alliance will provide maximum opportunities for the realization and development of the people of creative professions, will start in the creative lives of talented youth.


Now in the CAC formed a laboratory for contemporary art, the project generation it ideas designed for students who are eventy that combines visual art, music, literature, master classes, open lectures.


Kuzbass center for the arts is energy for the soul and mind of a person of any generation living in the modern world.